HidroSystem distributes and markets hydraulic tail lifts from 300 to 3000 kg in Italy for fast and safe transport of goods and people.
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HIDROCHECK: Hidrosystem's exclusive service

Technical assistance guaranteed by highly qualified personnel

HIDROCHECK is our new verification, control and maintenance service for tail lifts and hydraulic lifting machinery fitted on transport vehicles. We certify its correct functioning so that you can travel and work safely. A special stamp is applied on the bank after each check carried out by the Hidrosystem workshops throughout Italy.

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Accurate design and testing for longer life

All the tail lifts have been carefully designed with 3D CAD. Before starting production, a prototype is tested with 50,000 fatigue and full load to simulate a very long life of all products. Designed and tested for intensive use and heavy circumstances. Each side is functionally tested before final packaging.

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Assistance and repair of the tailgates with spare parts storage.

Hydraulic tail lifts designed to allow easy maintenance. Low spare parts costs and low maintenance costs. Assistance and repair of hydraulic tail lifts of all brands at the customer with “DOOR TO DOOR” service throughout Italy and without machine downtime. Preferred choice by many transport companies, fleet owners, rental companies and fitters around the world who accurately calculate the entire life costs of the tail lift beyond 5 years and not just the purchase cost.


Check your hydraulic tailgate at Hidrosystem centers

HIDROCHECK is the new verification, control and maintenance service offered by Hidrosystem to individual drivers, large fleets and rental companies to guarantee the correct functioning of the tail lift and hydraulic equipment set up on their vehicles.

Freight transport is an increasingly important sector with strong signs of recovery. For this reason, safety regulations are increasingly stringent. The inspection of the vehicle is mandatory not only for the vehicle but also for any hydraulic tail lifts fitted.

HidroSystem has its core business in the service for corporate fleets and large rental companies. It offers interventions on the entire fitting out component of commercial and industrial vehicles and on the tailgates of any make and model.

There are over 80 HidroSystem VAN SERVICES distributed throughout Italy which deal with maintaining the fittings of vans and trucks of any make and model.

Trust in the professionalism of Hidrosystem

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